The Gaming Marathon

By the Nights Divine, E3 2018 has come and gone and we have the full scoop for you!  Ye shall listen with talk of all the major press conferences and our thoughts on the highs, lows and surprises of this year's E3!  Ecstatic gaming talk is at hand!  Rounding out the show is  Game Shaming with talk of Modern Warfare Remastered, Halo, Forza and much more.  Especially focused talk about Asad not playing games this week as well!  Lastly, check us out at  Most of all, enjoy the show!​

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A weird one this week!  E3 predictions and hype is at the forefront of the discussion.  What kind of surprises are in store for us in the Super Bowl of gaming?  Not Fake Game News brings us E3 leaks galore, Crackdown 3 delayed, a new Diablo in the works and Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch.  Game Shaming brings up topics of Skyrim, Titan Quest, and Asad goes full freak with his talk of Agony on PC.  Have your puke bags ready!​

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After a week hiatus the boys are back in town.  The show kicks off with some E3 discussion and if a recent leaked list of the Sony E3 presentation is legit or not.  Game Shaming occurs with talk of Titan Quest, State of Decay 2, BattleTech and a slew of games played by Adam.  In the news its the announcement of Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee for the Switch, Red Dead Redemption 2's confusing pre-order bonuses, PS5 potentially coming in 2020 and Fallout 76 being announced.  Ending the show is James' review of State of Decay 2.  Enjoy and bookmark!

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In this bonus content, Adam decides to have some fun with some IRS scammers who think they can get an easy buck from him.  Little do they know Adam can be just has hard headed as them!  Laugh, and enjoy!​

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With the big reveal of Black Ops 4 and the details of Battlefield 5 coming out, the guys discuss franchises that MUST DIE.  It's a great discussion and one we'd love all of you to join in on!  In Not Fake Game News there's plenty of Call of Duty and Battlefield news, along with the NES classic coming back June 29th and Rage 2 being revealed as well.  Gaming Shaming includes more Titan Quest talk from Dennis, along with Donkey Kong love from James and Adam continues his adventures in Oblivion, and a nostalgic talk of Halo.  Make sure to bookmark and stay tuned for some extra special content coming very soon!​

Hope you like crap because that's what the first segment of this week's show is about: crappy games we like!  The guys go through their list of games that are so bad they're good.  There's some surprises to be had!  Not Fake Game News brings E3 game leaks thanks to Walmart, Nintendo Switch Online details, no more Virtual Console, Thanos being in Fortnite and Anthem slowly becoming an EA money grab.  Game shaming brings more talk of God of War, Oblivion, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Titan Quest!  It's a doozy, enjoy!​

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​It's a great debate this week!  Adam and James go toe-to-toe on Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.  James thinks its a hack cash-in, Adam thinks it's a faithful reboot.  What say you?  The guys also talk about their favorite comic book games due to the release of The Avengers Infinity War.  In Not Fake Game News topics include the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that just came out, God of War killing it in the sales chart, Rex Dickson leaving EA and Nintendo Labo's sluggish sales.  Lastly in Game Shaming there's more God of War talk, along with some Oblivion, Donkey Kong and much more.  Subscribe to us on YouTube and bookmark!

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We're back after another week off and there's much to discuss!  The guys discuss the biggest hurdles that interfere with their gaming time in their lives.  Not Fake Game News brings talk of Black Ops 4 being a mess, Smash Bros having a big presence at E3 for Nintendo, the Dutch trying to eliminate loot boxes, and Hearthstone (HERTHSTONE) losing its director.  Lastly, Adam and Asad review God of War on PS4.  Give a listen BOY!​

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We're back after a week break and there's a lot to get to!  With Inside Xbox revealing more OG Xbox games getting backwards compatibility for Xbox One, the guys discuss what games they'd love to see come on the Xbox One as well.  Not Fake Game News brings talk of Far Cry 5's success, GTA 5 being a cash cow, Spyro getting the remastered treatment, and Billy Mitchell exposed as a cheater!  Game Shaming brings talk of Far Cry 5, Warframe, Cuphead and Knack 2!  Enjoy and subscribe to us on YouTube and iTunes!​

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Another review this week with Far Cry 5!  How will Adam and Asad react to the change of setting compared to previous entries?  Also talk of Dennis joining the Xbox One family, Not Fake Game News with Microsoft enforcing new rules for use of their products, No Man's Sky coming to Xbox One and the Games with Gold and PS Plus titles for April.  Also, an announcement you can't miss!  Bookmark and subscribe to us on YouTube!  Happy Easter!​

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