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A good ol' fashioned rant leads the way on this week's show!  James' pure hatred of EA has spilled over into a franchise that he once enjoyed: Need for Speed.  With the edition of loot boxes in Need for Speed Payback, James rips EA a new one for continuing to nickel and dime the gamer left and right.  In addition, Not Fake Game News brings us new details on Red Dead Redemption 2, Black Ops 4 coming out this year, Billy Mitchell having his Donkey Kong records removed by the Donkey Kong forum and Metroid Prime possibly being developed by Bandai Namco.  Game Shaming brings more Warframe talk, along with Asad playing the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC and James beating Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Enjoy, and subscribe to us on YouTube!​

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Want a side of controversy with your podcast?  Then you came to the right place this week!  The guys discuss controversial games or games that have brought a controversy into the mainstream.  We hope you're not easily offended!  Not Fake Game News brings talk of Twin Galaxies being complete frauds and James mocking the idea of keeping records of old video games.  They also bring up the notion that Billy Mitchell is a big fraud and Steve Wiebe should be the rightful Donkey Kong champ.  Monster Hunter World having broken multiplayer is discussed, along with a new World of Warcraft expansion incoming, Nintendo still killing it with the Switch, and Red Dead Redemption 2 getting delayed, again.  Lastly on Game Shaming more Warframe talk, but it's balanced out with Adam and Asad's adventures in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and James talks a little Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Happy listening!​

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The revolving door of the gaming podcast world continues to spin this week!  Alec Mitchell has left the show, but in his place is former Pokemon World Champ finalist and baseball card enthusiast James Good!  The guys discuss the news of John Cena perhaps playing the role of Duke Nukem in an upcoming movie, along with talk of awful video game movies that have come out in the past.  In Not Fake Game News, Microsoft decides to include all first party game titles on the Xbox Games Pass the day it releases, God of War gets a firm release date on PS4, and it's make it or break it time for Bioware as Anthem has been delayed to 2019.  Lastly during Game Shaming it's more Warframe talk (shocker) and James shares his passion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the Forza series.  Enjoy and subscribe to us on YouTube!​

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Big news from this past week takes the driver's seat on this week's episode. First the guys discuss various gimmicks in gaming, both good and bad. Does Guitar Hero still hold a special spot in our hearts? Not Fake Game News brings us news and discussion of the DICE Awards nominees for Game of the Year 2017, which is pretty close to what we nominated on our own show surprisingly. The original Xbox fatty controller making a comeback in March, a new Fable in development and a full rundown of the Nintendo Labo reveal were also topics of discussion. Game Shaming ends the show with yet more Warframe talk. I promise we do more than talk Warframe all the time, but it's an awesome game regardless. Enjoy the show and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel!​

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Dennis the Quizmaster is back this week for another round of video game trivia!  Who will come out as the master of video game knowledge this week?  In Not Fake Game News, we discuss the new Vive VR Pro and Wireless Connector that made its debut at CES 2018 this past week, Microsoft perhaps adding a new achievement system, and a full rundown of the recent Nintendo Direct Mini and all the announcements it came with.  We then have a session of Game Shaming where Asad convinces Adam to play and stream the seemingly weird but horrifying Doki Doki Literature Club.  If Adam is in a psych ward next week you'll know the reason why.  Enjoy!​

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Our yearly black tie affair is live for your listening ears to enjoy!  First the crew starts off with Game Shaming and an interesting debate between Destiny 2 and Warframe commences.  Then Asad shares his adventures at the SacAnime event this past weekend with some interesting observations with certain, ahem, cosplayers.  Lastly, its our Game of the Year ceremony where Dennis, Alec, Asad and Adam all crown their best game of 2017.  Enjoy the show, and please subscribe to the Gaming Marathon on YouTube!​

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The final show of 2017 brings our annual year in review of the big news stories in the world of gaming in 2017!  Adam, Asad, Dennis and Alec discuss PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dominating the sales charts, Nintendo making a comeback, the curious case of Half-Life 3 and EA being hot garbage.  Also some game shaming talk, along with a review of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  Happy New Year!​

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It's the wind of change on this week's episode!  Adam and Dennis bid a fond farewell to Aaron Lamb, our long time producer, who decided to move on and focus on other things.  Good luck man!  After that it's a spirited holiday discussion about gaming and Christmas, and the debut of a new segment known as "Not Fake Game News!"  Topics include the Witcher 3 being patched for 4K, a new fighter in Arms, Transformers games getting pulled from digital storefronts and much more.  Lastly, Adam reviews Assassin's Creed Origins for Xbox One, PC and PS4.  Merry Christmas!

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This week the Gaming Marathon crew recap in great detail all of the annoying, odd and surprising goings on of the 2017 Video Game Awards Show. Up next it's this week's rapid fire news including Capcom announces Mega Man 11 for 2018, Ubisoft delays Far Cry 5 and the Crew 2, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting a versus mode, Square Enix teases a Tomb Raider announcement coming in 2018, Ubisoft shows off character customization ships and concept art for Beyond Good and Evil 2, the Outlast franchise is coming to Switch and Outlast 3 is in development, Firewatch creators reveal their next game, Breath of The Wild's Champion's Ballad DLC is available now, From Software teases its next game, Bayonetta 3 is coming exclusively to the Switch, the internet struggles to comprehend the new Death Stranding trailer, Sea of Thieves launches March 20th 2018 and this weeks video game releases are discussed.

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This week the Gaming Marathon crew return from the Thanksgiving holiday break with a farewell to a few good friends on the RELM Network as well as a chance to discuss what the guys have been playing the last few weeks. Next, it's this week's rapid fire news including Demon's Souls servers are finally being laid to rest this coming February, Square Enix says reports of Deus Ex's demise are not accurate, Yooka-Laylee is heading to the Switch this month, EA's stock fluctuates by $3 billion after the recent Battlefront II drama, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold titles for December 2017, the new Super Mario Cereal by Kelloggs includes an Amiibo with every box, Bungie outlines upcoming dramatic Destiny 2 revisions, PUBG's creator now says all Xbox One versions run at 30 FPS, Cuphead devs nerf the glorious charge shot and eliminate the Mugman army glitch, Sony sent out trial PlayStation VR units to select PS Plus members and this weeks video game releases are discussed. 

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